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Facebook can be an important marketing tool for today’s businesses. The “like” feature is more meaningful than you may think. It represents a connection to your business that allows you to have a dialog with your “Fans.” Why is that important? Every month, Facebook has over 168 million active users in the U.S. who connect using a number of devices like mobile and tablets. 63% of these users are ages 25+ and 60% are female which is a great fit for your business. Importantly, Facebook is an avenue to communicate with younger demographics. The central goal of your Facebook business page is to engage your followers. The added benefit is that each time one of your fans engages with you, it is visible on their friends’ pages, multiplying your reach and connections.

Your postings should be an interesting mixture that is relevant to your business and its values. It isn’t just another advertising medium-‐ think of it as a channel through which you can carry on a conversation with customers and your community.