We offer unified digital marketing solutions to more than 1,000 independent food store operators in the U.S. and assist them by handling all their digital marketing plans and execution for their online channels. We provide both technology and marketing support materials to our clients, ranging from in-store digital signage networks to ready-to-send weekly eBlasts, and from actionable analytics to an easy-to-use online ‘Solutions Center’ that makes it simple for grocery retailers to manage their MSC services.

Each of our solutions was custom designed, developed, and enhanced by our experienced staff, which has allowed us to integrate each one into our own Solutions Center—an online console that allows retailers the ability to control any digital element for their store.

We can work with any size independent retailer, ad group, wholesaler, or chain. And we are the first company in the supermarket industry to offer Digital Virtual Chain (DVC), an ad group of like-minded independent retailers sharing resources using MSC’s Digital Fusion program.